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minia joe

07 luglio

Posted by: joe | Music

Intervista a onin Agency   Questa è l’intervista completa a ronin Agency riguardo il mio messaggio e il mio progetto!

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23 giugno

Posted by: joe | Tour

Live 30th June appuntamento live a Sacile presso ex chiesa S. Gregorio. Evento MY-STAGE! VI ASPETTO!

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Joe Robazza



"The experience beyond sensations!"

Joe Robazza

I’ve always been thirsty for truth, a sensitive soul that soffered a lot of existential crisis just becouse i’ve always wondered myself about reality and impressed by immense and infinity.

My main goals have never been material, rather of knowledge of this mysterious immensity of wich we are “slave”. It’s music the channel i use to describe this research of “beyond”, the feeling that music transmit to get closer to concealed truths.


Philosophical rock means to trespass logic as we perceive.

It means to join power and melody of rock with the wisdom of phylosophy, to tell those mysteries that science and spirituality always tried to explain.


Music to move, words to understand beyond our feelings: a journey towrads unhuman.

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